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Our Mission

At Prairie Waters, our trips are designed to be customized for your needs and we will do everything we can to make sure your trip on this river is fun, educational, and fond memories are created where the fish get bigger every time you tell your story. We love to fish, but we love watching our clients fish even more. Experience Canada's greatest trout stream and book your guided trip on the Bow River today!


Whether you're a first-time fly fisherman or an experienced angler, we can ensure you are in good hands with our knowledgeable, easy-going, and friendly guide.

Petar Lazic



Petar Lazic (a.k.a. Pooty) is a self-taught fly fisherman with over 15 years of knowledge of the Bow River. He started fly fishing at a very young age and developed a passion for the sport in his early teenage years. Not being able to afford fly fishing lessons, he took it upon himself to learn more about the sport by working at a local fly shop for several years where he gained valuable knowledge about the rivers’ best kept secrets. During those days, he decided to dedicate his life to the pursuit and chase his dream of becoming a Bow River guide. Fast forward to today, Petar has guided many anglers ranging in skill level from beginner to experienced, and is often spotted with his four-legged sidekick, Baloo. Petar is also an avid fly-tier, an upland bird hunting guide, and an eternal student of wildlife and conservation.


To learn more or to inquire a booking, contact:

The Bow River

The Bow River begins at the Bow Lake in Banff National Park, flows through the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains before making its way through the City of Calgary, then continues its journey through the prairies and beyond. The lower stretch of the river below Calgary consists of 55 kilometres of nutrient-rich water that’s known for its abundant numbers of trophy-sized rainbow and brown trout. 

The Bow has one of the best growth rates to be found on any river system in the world today which is precisely why fishermen from all over the world choose to fish the Bow year after year. The average trout that is 4 or 5 years old can be roughly 20-22 inches in length and the Bow River holds plenty of fish of this size - but we've seen bigger! The trout love eating all types of flies, from exciting surface flies to sub-surface nymphs and streamers. This river also holds most of the province's sport fish, such as Brook Trout, Bull Trout, Cutties, and lots of Rocky Mountain Whitefish.


The Bow can be fished all year-round and people travel from all over the world to fly fish these amazing waters, but it is most common to fish from May into October. Holding trophy-sized trout and having breathtaking views, there is no river quite like the Bow.


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